TONTO, the severely neglected horse found in Wiltshire has finally moved into a new home.

Yesterday morning, a team of volunteers who have cared for Tonto since he was found, managed to get him into a horsebox where he was transported to his new home.

He is now living in his new stable and has a new rug, thanks to the donations, and is said to be settling in well alongside his friend Rusty.

Tonto, who is 28 years old, was previously found without food or water and in a stable filled with excrement.

Vets who came out to check him described his condition as the worst thing they had seen in 20 years.

He has a tumour on the side of his face, which has left his tongue hanging out and made it hard for him to eat and breathe.

The tumour is treatable but vets say he is severely undernourished.

A fundraiser was set up to ensure Tonto got treatment and gave him every chance.

Donations have now reached £1,000, with the volunteers hoping to raise £3,000.

Daily updates are available on the donation page.

You can donate at