GLADIATORS will return to Chedworth Roman Villa Father’s Day weekend. Roman re-enactment group, Legio II Augusta, will bring their gladiatorial arena to the Villa on Saturday, June 16 and 17. They will be showcasing their skills through distinctive displays and demonstrations of Roman martial arts.

Families who bring dad along can sell him as a Roman slave, or get involved in the fighting drills. There will also be stalls and craft activities.

Aisling Staite, Senior Visitor Experience Officer at Chedworth Roman Villa said: "Legio II Augusta and the gladiators are very popular with the staff and volunteers here as well as with our visitors so we are looking forward to seeing them march back in.

"It makes for a very special weekend but also helps people to connect with the villa and understand more of the history which is on display here.

"Although the villa with its mosaics was more peaceful than gladiatorial arenas, the re-enactors bring that period of history to life for us. It really kicks off a summer season packed full of events, including The Big Dig in July when our archaeologists are hoping to find more buried mosaics."

10am-4.30pm. Normal admission charges apply, with free entry for National Trust members.

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