A GYM in Tetbury are celebrating its one year anniversary with a charity fundraising event.

BPF Fitness Hub will be holding the event in aid of Tetbury Hospital next month on July 10.

There challenge, to complete 960 kilometres using four pieces of cardiovascular equipment, representing the distance between Tetbury and its twin town Zwingenberg.

With a set time limit of ten hours to complete the challenge, they can use an assault bike, a SkiERG, a rower and a Wattbike.

In order to reach their target, they will have to travel 96km an hour.

This means they will need help from members and anyone else looking to support the challenge for Tetbury Hospital while also improving their own fitness and wellbeing.

Mini challenges will also take place throughout the day with prizes for furthest distance in 10 minutes and 20 minutes as well as other fitness based competitions.

A tombola and refreshments will also be available with all proceeds going towards the fundraising total.

Following the success of the cake sale on their last charity challenge, if anyone wishes to bake a cake or biscuits for BPF to sell on the day, they ask for you to get in contact with them.

They are hoping to raise £2,000 for Tetbury Hospital.

You can donate via https://bit.ly/2sUK3zu text or on the day.

If you are interesting in joining in you can book your stint by calling 01666 318996 or emailing them on info@bpfhub.com