SHERSTON Footpath Group now has a stile-free route thanks to a grant.

Not everyone finds it easy to climb over stiles, so the group ensured that at least one route was stile-free, thanks to a £500 grant.

The grant was from Wiltshire Council, Malmesbury Area Board, and matched with funds from group members and the parish council.

This has been used to replace the stiles on the Commonwood Lane walk with two each of kissing and self-closing gates that are much easier to use.

The overall walk is about four miles of reasonably flat ground along lanes and across fields.

Phil Cutcher, of Sherston Parish Council and chairman of the Footpath Group, said: “Thanks go to Cllr John Thompson, footpaths officer Steve Leonard, the two farmers on whose land the gates are, and members of the footpath committee for their efforts in supporting this.”

Cllr John Thompson added: “Credit to the group, I am pleased it has been successful.”

Sherston is a prime place for country walks and a number of good ones can be found online at or in the walks book available from the Post Office.

Sherston Walks is a guide produced by the footpath group and set up by the parish council back in 2008.

The guide details information about the walks, such as where they are, how difficult they are and the length of the walk.

Currently there are 10 different circular walks.

The routes include Brook End Ford, Commonwood Lane, Ladyswood, Easton Grey, Pinkney, Willesley, Luckington, Sopworth, Shallowbrook Lane and The Cliff.