I AM intrigued by Janice Overal’s letter (May 10) concerning the “joyous” production of “Macbeth” by Year 4 pupils of Cirencester Primary School.

Obviously she thoroughly enjoyed the performance but two aspects leave me puzzled.

Firstly I am surprised that “Macbeth” was chosen for a primary production unless all the guts had been ripped out of it and it had been massively simplified.

How can a nine-year-old understand anything of the complexity of the play or deliver such lines as Lady Macbeth’s “Unsex me here” speech, or Macbeth’s “Life is a walking shadow…”?  

Secondly, I fail to see how a performance of a play concerned with betrayal, treachery, murder, bloodlust, corrosive guilt, infanticide and suicide can ever be described as “joyous” - except by sadists.

Riveting, compelling, engrossing, engaging yes; joyous no. 

Stuart Russell