SEBASTIAN Hipwood from Savills in Cirencester highlights the benefits of taking part in an Open House event.

Hugely popular in the States and Australia, Open Houses are still a relatively new concept here in the UK. But, while only a few years ago you may not have even heard, let alone been involved in an Open House, if you are selling or buying in today’s market, it’s very likely you will have been invited to take part.

What is an Open House?

Open Houses provide the opportunity to view property in the company of other buyers, with the agent, and often the owner, also present. Sellers are encouraged to open the doors to their home as they know that taking part helps to create a buzz and maximises interest, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a sale. Open House events are when multiple homes are opened on the same day, to the great benefit of prospective buyers.

Why take part?

Open House events are an excellent way to explore what’s on offer in an informal setting and on buyers’ own terms. Events are normally held at the weekend, so buyers can view property in a relaxed setting, and in daylight, with no need to take time out of their working day. Plus, they can spend as much, or little, time as they like exploring, not just the property itself, but also its locality.

Once registered, prospective buyers have the opportunity to view as many homes as they wish on the same day, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to comparing like-for-like properties, as everything is still fresh in mind.

Last but not least, participants are more likely to view properties that they wouldn’t have otherwise, which can be a game-changer in property search, as sometimes it is the one that isn’t right ‘on paper’ that ends up becoming someone’s dream home.

How to get the most out of your day

1. Do your homework

Study the property details before the day, so that you can prepare your questions about the property and area.

2. Plan your route

Decide how many properties you would like to visit, and the best way around to see them. Don’t forget to build in time to stop for coffee breaks and lunch in between viewings; not only does this give you time to think, but is an excellent opportunity to check out all-important local amenities.

3. Don’t rush

If you decide to make an offer, wait until you get home then give the agent a call. This will give you the chance to properly reflect upon whether this really is the property for you, at a price you can afford.

On Saturday, May 12, Savills Cirencester, together with its offices across the Cotswolds and Home Counties, will open the doors to a collection of more than 300 homes, ranging from £199,950 to £4.95m in value. If you are interested in taking part, there is still time to register at