FRAN Vandelli has been announced as the new mayor of Malmesbury.

Cllr Vandelli was elected by councillors last Tuesday, May 1 and takes over from Cllr Wayne Jones.

Fran moved to Malmesbury in 2003 and has previously been chairman of community and town promotion and was deputy mayor last year.

She aims to focus on facilities for young people, sustainability and recycling.

“I want to build resilience, focus on recycling, arts, and anything that helps skills and resilience in young people in the town,” she said.

“With Wiltshire Council deducting their funding on youth facilities among other things, we need to pick up the slack and focus more on young people.

“I also want to look at what we can do to create attractions and bring more tourists in and help sustain the economy in the community, I want to help support that and prepare ourselves for the future.”

Alongside the work she does for Malmesbury, she is also a dementia lead for the west of the country for a health and social care company.

Because of her full time job, she was unsure whether people would pick her to become their mayor.

“I tried being a deputy mayor last year and I thought it was only appropriate that I put myself forward to become mayor,” she said.

“I wouldn’t of minded if I didn’t get picked and people thought someone was more suited to the position, because I do have a full time job.

“I feel incredibly honoured that people have chosen me, but also nervous because I don’t want to let anyone down.

Above all, Fran wants to give back to the town that adopted her 15 years ago.

“I see this as my service to the community who adopted me,” she said.

“It is rather fitting that I support the community that I feel is home to me.

“I feel very privileged to live here.”