ECOTRICITY will host an hour long Q&A on Brexit and refugees with senior members of the Green Party at Womad Festival this summer.

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley and MEP Molly Scott-Cato will both take part, to talk about how political action can build bridges across the globe.

Mr Bartley and Ms Scott-Cato are the forefront of the fight for compassionate, internationalist politics.

‘‘As Greens, we’re proud to take a stand against xenophobia,” said Mr Bartley.

“Politics, especially over recent years, can very dispiriting – but it holds the key to stopping the rise of nationalism, and building a tolerant, open-armed society that relishes in the diversity of our wonderful world.’’

Ms Scott-Cato added: ‘‘We are excited to be joining Ecotricty at Womad this year, and to be speaking and taking questions on the role political action is playing in turning the tide – and building a better future for all.’’

Ecotricity will also host a children’s cookery workshop at Taste the World in the festival’s arboretum on Friday July 27, to showcase how food served at Forest Green Rovers, is made. The Q&A will take place on Saturday, July 28, on the Ecotricity Arboretum Stage.