EXTREMELY rare Ospreys have been spotted near Northleach.

Two Ospreys were recently seen feeding from a brook on Sherbourne Park Estate and birdwatchers were treated to another sighting when two more arrived over the weekend.

Although the birds have been spotted on the brook before, they are still a rare but beautiful visitor.

Enthusiasts have been watching the ospreys over the last few days as they stop on its way from Africa to Scotland where they breed.

The osprey can only be seen in this area for a few weeks in spring, and autumn as it migrates.

Ospreys are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Anna Field, National Trust ecologist and ranger, said: "It’s fantastic to see the ospreys stopping in Sherborne on their journey.

"We’ve had a lot of birdwatchers come to see it as it’s unusual for ospreys to stay in one place for so long on their spring migration.

"We’ve been treated to some great views of it fishing for brown trout in the brook.

"It is yet another interesting bird choosing to visit Sherborne where we have such a wide range of different things to see at all times of year."

The Sherborne Park Estate, and it’s wildlife, was a filming location for BBC Two’s Springwatch last year, and is home to a huge variety of birds including red kites, buzzards and barn owls.

Andrew Bluett from the Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group will be holding a talk about the birds of the estate, and the county, on Wednesday May 2 as part of the Nature talk and tea series at Lodge Park.