Friends of Tetbury hospital are aiming to raise £18,000 to buy a new ultrasound machine and defibrillator.

The friends will be launching their annual house-to-house collection from Monday, June 18 to Saturday June 23.

An ultrasound machine will increase the number of procedures the hospital can offer. Using ultrasound, the anaesthetist can visualise the nerves which provide movement and sensation to parts of the body, and inject local anaesthetic around them. It can aid in a variety of surgical procedures, particularly foot and ankle.

The hospital also needs funds to replace their ageing defibrillator, which restarts the heart during a cardiac arrest and can also be used to control and regulate abnormal heart rhythms to prevent a cardiac arrest.

Tetbury Hospital Trust Ltd is a charity which receives payment from the NHS for patient treatments, though not for new or replacement equipment so the hospital’s survival depends on fund-raising.

Although the Friends have a loyal band of collectors who have helped over many years, they always need new volunteers. If you would like to help your local hospital by collecting in your own or in a neighbouring street or village please contact