A GERMAN Science TV show are on the look out for volunteers to take part in an unique experiment.

'Galileo,' which is aired Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are trying to find ways in improving the lives of airline passengers by testing different ways of exiting a plane to see which is the most efficient for a 15 minute documentary.

The experiment will take place on March 23 at Cotswold Airport (Tetbury Road entrance).

There will be four different methods tested. The first will test how quick exiting the aircraft in the order of aisle passengers followed by middle then window while the second method will separate the passengers block by block (first 6 rows aisle, first 6 rows middle, first 6 rows window etc). 

The third will try out the Steffen method in reverse (alternating rows) and the fourth method will try out an unstructured de-boarding process without hand luggage.

Marie Elisa Scheidt from Galileo said: "We want to understand how the de-boarding process can be improved, and if any of the theories are actually realisable.

"Some might only work on paper. We would also like to find out how much human cooperation and mutual help improves the whole process."

Galileo are still on the look out for more participants so to sign up please send an email to elisa.scheidt@maximusfilm.de.