It was great to see the community come together this past week despite the treacherous conditions that faced us.

Storm Emma hit the region on Thursday bringing snow, strong winds and freezing cold temperatures.

Hospitals were struggling to run, roads were closed and people were stuck either at home or in the snow trying to get out.

Thankfully, such is the communities we all live in, it brought the best out of all of us, as we all worked together to battle the conditions.

The list of people who went out their way to provide help, relief and help speed up the process of clearing roads is endless.

Cotswold Air Balloon are one of the many who deserve massive credit for the work they did.

Working 13 hour shifts, offering lifts to nurses, carers or anyone who needed it as well as delivering emergency supplies to those who were in need.

One group of people who fit the definition of 'unsung heroes' are farmers.

Many of whom we moan at during the summer for clogging up the roads, who went out their way, some working day and night, to clear roads and help people in need.

They deserve all the credit they receive.

This past week has shown why community spirit and togetherness is so invaluable and what makes this region a special place to live in.