THE stolen head from the LEGO Man which stands outside of Crocodile Toy Shop at the Wool Market in Cirencester has been found and returned.

The head was returned to the store on Tuesday morning with a note of apology which read 'Sorry was very drunk xx' after the person who stole it left it outside the front gate of the Woolmarket late on Monday night.

The vandalism of the LEGO Man took place at some point on Friday evening and there was a large out cry on Social Media by residents of Cirencester calling who were angered by the robbery of the sculptures head and called for its return.

Crocodile Toys owner Mark Mitchell was delighted to get the head back and hopes LEGO Man could return to his former glory.

"I'm relieved to get it back," he said. "I think the person who did it was a bit embarrassed after word got about so at least they had the decency to give it back.

"I should be able to repair it but it is a bit damaged so it probably won't be quick but hopefully we should have LEGO Man back soon."