THE iconic lifesize LEGO Man sculpture which stands outside Crocodile Toys at the Wool Market in Cirencester was vandalised over the weekend.

The toy, which has been stood outside the shop for seven years, was beheaded at some point on Friday evening and has been missing since much to the frustration of manager Mark Mitchell.

"It's just mindless vandalism," Mark said. "There's no way of repairing it unless someone finds the head but it's a real kick in the teeth at a time we didn't really need it.

"It's been outside for years and in my opinion, it's ruined something for the town because a lot of tourists and children have their photos taken with it so it was promoting the town and we were really privileged to have it.

"We will be looking to eventually replace it with something equally as good but it won't be quick because these aren't the kinds of things that grows on trees but we'll think of something."

The sculpture was commissioned to Crocodile Toys by LEGO and will be very difficult to replace. While Mark hopes someone may know the whereabouts of the head, he feels the people responsible need to be exposed.

"I didn't really see the point in calling the police," he said. "I put out a Facebook post to make people aware and if they hear some one bragging that they've stolen the head to tell them that they're idiots and deserve to be named and shamed."