A ROW of political correctness has broken out in Bourton-on-the-Water about Christian artwork being displayed in the new public toilets.

Christian bookshop, Shalom, in Moore Road, offered to hand over some of their brightly coloured posters to decorate the toilets following a renovation.

However the parish council fear the posters may upset members of other faiths.

Cllr Colin Graham commented: "It does not matter if the posters are religious or anything else. They could be party political. In principal no specific organisation should be allowed to decorate a public place."

Owner of Shalom Jennie Heming said: "We have been running the Christian shop for seven years and have watched with interest all the work on the public toilets but we are also aware that up until 1988 they were the church rooms and they were orginally built at the end of the 1800s for a church school.

"For many years people have been worshipping and praising God there and carved above the door in Latin is the inscription praise to God.' "I do think we should be standing for our Christian heritage. In England we almost feel ashamed of it which I think is wrong."

However Cllr Limerick said: "Just because the toilets are in the old church rooms does not justify having religious pictures up."

The church rooms are now owned by Cotswold District Council so its permission is needed before putting the posters up.

However Bourton Parish Council voted to rejct the posters.

Chairman Bryan Sumner said: "Our decision does not stop them from writing to CDC for permission but this is the view of our council."