AN EAGLE-EYED member of the public has led Stroud police to an absconded prisoner, leading to his arrest.

Mark from Berkeley spotted the absconded prisoner after seeing the police appeal on social media this morning.

He followed Keith Whitehouse, aged 56, who had gone missing from HMP Leyhill in South Gloucestershire.

The 'hero' spotted him walking past his house in Berkeley and followed him into Sharpness.

His wife Amy explained how proud she is of her husband: "He's a hero, after he made sure I was safe he followed him and called the police.

"He saw him approach a woman and stayed to watch just in case.

"Although he's really shy, he deserves so much praise and I am so proud of him, due to his actions a nasty man is off the streets," she said.

Keith Whitehouse is currently serving a life sentence for manslaughter, committed in 1991, when he was given a home release from prison. At the time he was serving a sentence for kidnap.

The Leyhill inmate was last seen at 4.45pm last night, Saturday, and failed to appear for the roll call held at 8.15pm.

Stroud Police tweeted their thanks for Mark's actions after the arrest was made.