CHILDREN from Abbotswood Primary School in Yate have helped to launch a new mental health website this week, ahead of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

The children and young people marked the new Mind You website going live at a school event highlighting mental health promotion activities in schools and youth groups.

The new website has been developed for children and young people to promote mental health and emotional wellbeing in South Gloucestershire and is a hub for important information and useful advice.

The resource, which features separate sections tailored for children, young people, parents and carers and professionals, was funded by the South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and developed by Public Health South Gloucestershire, with wide-ranging input from children and young people in the area.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week runs from February 5 to 11.

Cllr Erica Williams, South Gloucestershire Council cabinet member for public health, said: “Mental health is both a local and national priority and whilst a great deal of good work has been carried out in South Gloucestershire over recent years we know there is still lots to do.

“This excellent new website has been created with the involvement of local children and young people, and will provide a valuable resource to help improve knowledge and awareness of mental health.”

Dr Kate Mansfield, South Gloucestershire CCG clinical lead for children and maternity, and named GP for safeguarding children, said: “We know that children and young people who are struggling to cope or have mental health problems have the best health outcomes when they receive help at the earliest point possible.

“This means that it is vitally important that children and young people know what to do when they need support and what steps they can take in order to get help.

“This new website is a great resource which helps to make children and young people aware of some important practical steps they can take to help improve wellbeing.

“It also has guidance on where to go if they are struggling to cope or need more support. The dedicated information for parents, carers and professionals is also really important to help ensure that we know what resources are available when a child or young person is brave enough to ask for our help.”

The Mind You website features images and contributions from young people from across South Gloucestershire, and brings together information on local services as well as advice if you need help.

It features videos about local young people including one that looks at social media and mental health which was made by students from Brimsham Green School in Yate.

Brimsham Green year 10 pupil Jack Barry said: “I like how the website includes information aimed at several audiences - young people, professionals, etc.

“This is really good, and will definitely encourage a wider range of viewers to visit the website, especially as the content is appropriate and helpful.”

Visit Mind You at