THERE have been three recent burglaries in Stratton, Cirencester, leading police to believe that the incidents are linked.

Earlier this week, the Standard reported that a lump of concrete was used to smash the back doors of a house in Baunton Lane. The incident happened between 3pm on December 22 and 3pm on January 2.

Since then, two more burglaries have taken place in Stratton on January 9.

One occurred in Vaisey Road between 2.45pm and 6.40pm. Like the earlier incident, a brick was thrown the back patio doors. It is not known what was stolen.

Another burglary happened in Baunton Lane between 2pm and 7.20pm. Likewise, a brick was thrown through the glass panel of a rear door.

A jewellery box was stolen with jewellery to the value of £5,000. The burglar may have left the property with a blue and white patterned pillow case.

Police suspect that the ‘Nottingham knockers’ going door to door in Stratton that evening may be related to these burglaries.

The knockers are young men who say they have recently been released from prison and are being rehabilitated and are trying to sell items.

One of these men were described to be white, in his early 20s, of average height, and with dark hair and a north east accent.

If you have any information, call 101 and quote incident 192 of January 2, incident 361 of January 9 or incident 382 of January 9, respectively.