THERE are several incidents to bring you on the roads this morning, with many sets of temporary traffic lights causing disruption.

Reports of four-way traffic lights at the Horsetrough Roundabout in Stonehouse is likely to cause heavy delays on the A419 Bristol Road.

Furthermore, work continues in Stonehouse High Street and temporary traffic lights between Elms Road and the A419 will remain in place until February 3.

There are also temporary traffic lights on the B4008 Gloucester Road, Standish with electricity work continuing until February 8.

Cotswold Way in Hawkesbury is closed this morning due to telecoms work but should be back open tomorrow or January 13.

Long-term roadworks and temporary traffic lights on the B4040 Charlton Road, Charlton near Milbourne Lane are expected to cause delays until mid-2018.

There is the usual heavy traffic on the A4107 Bromley Heath Road in Downend.

Water main work and temporary traffic lights are causing slow moving traffic A432 Badminton Road, Winterbourne.

Traffic is also building on the B4058 Bristol Road Frenchay due to roadworks with stop and go boards being used.

Finally, temporary traffic lights on the A38 Gloucester Road in Almondsbury are causing slight delays to travel time.