A CHRISTMAS meal cooked by the head chef at Jesse's Bistro helped feed more than one hundred people in Cirencester.

The meal, organised by Cirencester Signpost, was followed by a free raffle with prizes of chocolates, biscuits and bespoke hampers funded by money raised by local Waitrose shoppers.

The charity, which looks after the homeless and vulnerable people in Cirencester, also distributed 60 food parcels to help ease the financial strain of many residents and families.

The food gifts were made possible thanks to donations from Cirencester Foodbank and St James' Place.

Chairman of Cirencester Signpost Graham Harris said: "This time of year brings additional challenges for the homeless and vulnerable in our community. We do all we reasonably can to help out practically and to engage with local agencies that can offer help and guidance.

"The highlight was a perfect Christmas meal cooked by Dave, head chef of Jesse's Bistro, for over one hundred of our Signpost friends. A great, relaxed atmosphere enjoyed by everyone.

"We want to thank all those who have supported, encouraged and partnered with us this year. We couldn't do it without you."

More information on Cirencester Signpost can be found on their Facebook page or at: www.cirencester-signpost.org.uk