A 20-YEAR-old man has been found guilty of robbing a teenaged Gloucester King's School pupil in Cirencester's Abbey grounds and assaulting another pupil with intent to rob him.

Cameron Lilley, of Golden Farm Road, Cirencester, told a jury of eight men and four women at Gloucester Crown Court that although he was at the scene of the offences at nearly midnight on May 13 this year, he had not attacked or robbed the boys. He said it was solely his friend Alex Tudor who was responsible.

The jury took just over half an hour to reject his account and convict him of both offences unanimously.

Lilley was told by Judge Michael Cullum that he would be sentenced on January 4, along with Tudor, who had previously pleaded guilty.

Bailing Lilley, the judge told him: "All options remain open and that includes a custodial sentence."

At the start of the trial, prosecutor, Janine Wood, told the jury: "One of the boys, aged 17, was made to hand over £30 while the other, Matthew Swinley, 18, was pushed and punched."

Mrs Wood said the pair were part of a group of King's School pupils who were in the Abbey grounds having travelled to Cirencester for a birthday celebration.

"The defendant was also there with others and he walked over and spoke to the pupils," she said. "He said his name was Cam.

"The pupils the decided to leave but were followed. One of the group following them was the defendant. He approached Mr Swinley with both hands to his upper body and said 'Where's your pennies?' Mr Swinley was then punched a couple of times on the jaw.

"Matthew started to run off. He believed the defendant was after anything of value that he had.

"The 17 year old was then approached by Tudor, who told him 'Give me all your money.' Another friend went to try to help him and was punched as well.

"The 17 year old was scared and handed over £30 to Tudor. The defendant and his group then walked off."

In an identification procedure held in August, the two victims identified Lilley as one of the robbers - and so did another witness, said Mrs Wood.

Lilley told the jury he went over to introduce himself to the other group.

"I try to introduce myself to people when I see them," he said.

"Something got heated. Somehow I got involved with the first witness, Mr Swinley. Pushes and punches were thrown. I can't remember what provoked it. It was pushing and shoving. After that, I just walked away," Lilley said.

Lilley denied that he said "where are your pennies?" and insisted that was not an expression he would use.

"I went home straightaway. The next morning someone said that Alex had handed himself in, and so I awaited the phone call. I went back home from work and was arrested."

Cross examining Lilley, the prosecutor asked: "Did you think that they were posh boys and would have money?"

"Not at all," Lilley answered.

Mrs Wood said "You tried to rob Mr Swinley and then when that failed you tried to rob the other boy?"

"No, that's not true" he replied.

Alex Tudor gave evidence, saying that he and Lilley had got "smashed" on cocktails, and then drank a bottle of vodka at a friend's house. They then went to the park.

Tudor said it was he alone that committed the robbery.

"I put him to the floor and then demanded his money. It wasn't planned, nothing like that.

"I feel sorry for Cam. I've got him involved in this and it wasn't his fault. I know I did it. He wasn't involved."