A Cirencester man with 'an interest in women dressed as schoolgirls' is to stand trial accused of downloading child porn onto his computer.

Desmond Moore, 48, of Lavender Lane, denies having any knowledge of seven indecent images found by police - and he questions whether the girls depicted in them are actually under age.

At Gloucester Crown Court, Mr Moore pleaded not guilty to making seven Category C indecent images of children between December 1, 2013 and August 1, 2017.

He was bailed to await jury trial starting on May 1 next year.

When Judge Michael Cullum asked what the basis of Mr Moore's defence would be, his barrister Ellen McAnaw said: "He will accept that he has an interest in women dressed as schoolgirls and has searched for material in that genre."

Prosecutor Janine Wood said it was expected the trial would last about a day and a half.

Adjourning the case, the judge said he understood an expert would be giving evidence in the trial about the apparent age of the alleged children in the images and whether the evidence suggested that the defendant would have had knowledge of the downloading.

"He says he simply had no knowledge of the images," said Ms McNaught.