WHAT a fantastic day!

The Advent Festival in Cirencester was a spectacular success.

Organised by the town council, it included a market that encompassed the Market Place, Cricklade Street and Castle Street.

Shoppers thronged the stalls to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a traditional market in beautiful surroundings only a town like Cirencester can offer.

Later, as the dusk gathered, the town’s Christmas lights were switched on by our home-grown BBC stars Charlie and Daisy May Cooper.

The day was, of course, primarily an event designed to support local businesses in what is for them a vital time of year. They do so much to make Cirencester the vibrant place it is and we should do all we can to back them.

But it was a celebration of community too, and there can be few people who returned home on Saturday night who did not feel fortunate to live in such a wonderful place.