An unnecessary, unwanted development is forever – not just for Christmas!

Having sat through a month of Local Plan Examination Hearings, as a concerned resident, I am now totally convinced that the distribution strategy in CDC’s Local Plan is not sound and the 2,350 homes proposed for the Chesterton site is excessive.

This is because of the council's own housing figures debated at the inquiry which demonstrated the lack of need for the Bathurst development as currently proposed.

Anyone who attended the inquiry would not come away without the very clear view that the inspector was very concerned to examine how the district’s housing need would be delivered in a sustainable way. That may not be the Bathurst way.

I appreciate the pressure is on you to get this extraordinary application through next Tuesday, but all I ask is that you be authentic and open to the consequences of taking such a decision prior to the Inspector’s report.

I can't imagine the embarrassment if the inspector did not share the council’s optimism that the Bathurst development is the panacea to the district’s housing woes.

This is no dress rehearsal and the community deserve to see that its councillors are making a decision which does not drag the Local Plan process into disrepute.

Yours in gratitude,

Eileen Grout