THE Stove Store Cirencester gave away prizes to lucky winners of its raffle draw in support of Cancer Research UK.

The draw raised £800 and took place during the weekend of September 23 where customers a BBQ and a bouncy castle.

The first prize, a £1,000 pizza oven went to Tony Large, from Cirencester, and the second prize, a £599 Pevex stove, went to Chris Yapp, also from Cirencester.

Tony said: “I’m slightly shocked. I did not really know there was such a thing as a pizza oven. We now have got to find a home for it.

“We weren’t expecting to win anything.

“Unfortunately, my family were touched by cancer. My first wife died of cancer and my second wife’s dad died of cancer as well.

“Obviously, when we saw what the charity was, my wife bought the tickets for us.”

Chris, who won a new stove, said: “I am gobsmacked. I have not won anything since the last box of chocolates.

“The stove will probably replace something about 50 years old.

“It was sheer chance that we bought the raffle tickets. We came looking for pot feet and we did actually get them but we also went out with raffle tickets.

“You cannot say no to supporting Cancer Research. Since the raffle, I have lost a much-loved cousin.”

Jon Risby, manager at The Stove Store Cirencester, said of the amount raised by the raffle draw: “It’s a good amount for a good cause. Everybody knows someone touched by cancer in their family for the last few years.

“It should make a difference for somebody.”

Judy Wynn-MacKenzie, representing Cancer Research UK, commented: “It is absolutely fantastic and this will go a long way and it will fund equipment. Every little bit helps.”