A DRIVER and his passenger were "lucky to be alive" after the car they were traveling in left a minor road and crashed into a drystone wall, said a man at the scene.

Police were called to the incident near Poulton at 12.30pm on October 7, where the black Mitsubishi L200 had left a minor road before crashing into a metal gate, a fence, tree and then the wall.

Cotswold Police Sergeant Garrett Gloyn said the driver, a man in his 40s from Cirencester, broke his left collar bone and injured his head, while the passenger suffered minor injuries.

However, the man at the scene, said he had been told that the driver also suffered "broken ribs and two fractured vertebrae" and that the passenger was his son.

"Made quite a mess to two five bar gates, the wall and was only stopped due to the large tree," said the man, who stopped at the site following the crash.

"Ambulance and air ambulance had attended although I understand he was taken away in a normal ambulance," he said.

The driver provided a positive roadside breath test for officers and a positive roadside drugs wipe before being taken to Great Western Hospital in Swindon.