A WINE producer near Malmesbury is celebrating a fine vintage despite this year’s harsh conditions for the crop.

Bow-in-the-Cloud vineyard say they have not been hit hard by the sever spring frost that damaged fruit buds across the country.

The four-and-a-half acre Garsdon-based château has been growing Bacchus, Seyval Blanc and Schönburger varieties of grapes since 1992 and producing wine since 1995.

Keith Willingale, proprietor of Bow-in-the-Cloud, said: “The vineyards in this area suffered the most but fortunately Noah’s Ark was only mildly affected.

"It has been hard work but somehow the vineyard has produced a satisfactory crop that is actually several weeks early.

“In particular, the Seyval Blanc grape variety is about a month early and promises to be the best quality ever.

"This is the variety that is used to produce the vineyard’s renowned Cloud Nine bubbly which was used for the Queen’s millennial visit to Malmesbury.”

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