AN angry car driver attacked a cyclist with an ice cream cone near Bibury, police said.

The Standard published a story in June after a 32-year-old cyclist was attacked by a 35-year-old car driver from Swindon just outside the village of Bibury on the B4425.

The incident took place at about 2.15pm on June 21.

The cyclist had travelled from London to Bisley to see his family for two days. He decided to go cycling in the Cotswolds but ended up in Cirencester Hospital with stitches to his lip.

Police recently revealed that the offender had thrust an ice cream cone to the cyclist’s face, which resulted in a big cut to his lip.

It is believed that the car driver lost his temper after the cyclist rode by and spat on the ground, with the spit landing near the car. Some bad language was then exchanged.

The altercation was stopped after a police constable and police community support officer on patrol happened to cross the scene.

Sgt Garrett Gloyn said: “We have recorded the assault, though it was not done with a deadly weapon.”

Police said that the situation was dealt with through restorative justice. The 35-year-old offender wrote a note of apology and the victim was satisfied with that.

UPDATE: Police investigating incident where cyclist was allegedly beaten in Bibury