TEACHERS and pupils at Malmesbury School are toasting success as the school has become the first in Wiltshire to win a national award for the guidance it gives to its students.

Career Mark, an organisation that recognises the quality of career education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG), has recognised Malmesbury School with a gold quality award.

The accolade recognises the school’s approach to leadership and management of CEIAG including effective self-evaluation leading to an annual CEIAG development plan, clear staff roles and identified training needs and improved delivery and outcomes.

Tim Gilson, headteacher of Malmesbury School, said “We are delighted to be the first school in Wiltshire to receive the Gold Careers Mark.

“Making sure that our students get the right advice and guidance at the right points in their time at school is really important to us.”

Last month, the school held a careers fair which was attended by representatives from a wide range of industries including BBC presenter Jamie Coomarasamy who spoke about journalism, his time as a foreign correspondent and the reasons why students should consider studying a foreign language.

Andy Midwinter, assessor for Career Mark, said: “The school is a beacon of excellence in their careers provision and provides a standard which is the envy of many other schools in the area.

“This is an ‘event rich’ school, they continue to arrange high quality employer engagement. Students appreciate the effort made by the school to give them access to employers.

“The alumni programme in particular was mentioned by many students, who could identify with returning former students and from whom they gained the confidence to raise their aspirations, and take risks.

“The school is committed to providing high quality and impartial CEIAG.”