A VINEYARD near Cirencester has announced it has trademark registered the word ‘Bulari’ – a variation of the Latin word for bubbles – to describe English sparkling wine.

Poulton Hill Estate (PHE) will be using the word on its own bottles of award-winning sparkling white and rose wines, produced at the family run vineyard, founded 2010.

It will also be making ‘Bulari’ available to other high quality English sparkling wine producers under license to those meeting the same strict production criteria.

Max Thomas, owner of PHE, said: “We hope the new registered name will gather momentum within the English wine industry and become the generic name for English sparkling wine.

“We’d like ‘Bulari to become recognised across the world to describe quality English sparkling wines – and become as widely used as the terms ‘Champagne’ and ‘Prosecco’ are to French and Italian producers, and ‘Cava’ to Spain.”

In 2010 and 2011, the vineyard planted its first 8,800 vines on seven hectares of its sunny, south facing slopes, producing its first vintage in October 2012 using the traditional method.

PHE produces up to 20,000 bottles every year from grapes harvested by hand.

The grape varieties chosen for the first vineyard range include whites; Bacchus, Seyval Blanc and Phoenix, and reds; Pinot Noir, Regent and Rondo.

English physician and scientist Dr Christopher Merret first recorded the method for transforming still wines into sparkling, in the 17th century.

English sparkling wine producers have been searching for a catchy generic name for English sparking wine to signify prestige and reflect its ever-increasing high standard for years now.

PHE also produces its own wine-based spirits, including ‘Cotswold Brandy’.