CIRENCESTER'S community radio station Corinium Radio will be bringing an exciting new flower show to the Cotswolds.

Corinium Radio has forged links with the Chelsea Fringe to establish the new festival, which aims to celebrate community green spaces around Cirencester.

A host of activities is planned to take place between May 20 and June 4 this year and it is hoped that the event will grow into a major fixture.

The festival will launch on Saturday May 20 with the creation of a ‘pop-up’ garden in the bandstand at Cirencester’s Abbey Grounds.

Local schools and community groups will be making flowers from all kinds of materials to add to a colourful display.

The festival will close on Sunday June 4 with a Flower Tea Party to be held at Cirencester’s Fleece Hotel between 3pm and 5pm at which the wearing of flowers is being encouraged.

There is free tea and cake, although donations are being sought to help cover the festival costs.

Corinium Radio spokesman Tony Coleman said: “We’re calling the event our ‘Summer of Love’.

"During the festival we’re urging the people of Cirencester to love flowers, gardens and gardening and for our tea party, just as they did in the sixties, we’re encouraging people to wear flowers, in their hair if that’s what turns them on.

"We’re hoping the community gets behind the festival in a big way and helps it to grow into a major event. We want everyone to enjoy it and make it a blooming great success.”

The driving force behind the tea party is Sheila Lloyd-Graham, who is the radio station’s vintage expert and presenter.

Corinium Radio chair Carole Boydell said: “The idea behind our festival is to celebrate the numerous community green spaces, including allotments, around the town and to recognise the often unsung gardening heroes who give up their time to make Cirencester the attractive place it is for both visitors and residents alike.”

The radio station is producing a free ‘Daisy Chain’ trail map linking a variety of green spaces and venues associated with the festival.

The trail will be highlighted at or you can pick up a copy from Cirencester Town Council offices.

The Fringe has grown up as an alternative gardens festival to run alongside the famous Chelsea Flower Show.

The idea is for Fringe events to be based not only in Chelsea but in other towns and cities nationwide and internationally.