THREE generations of Brinkworth famers were in Parliament yesterday as the horrors of the suspected terrorist attack unfolded.

Ceri Cryer of Brinkworth Dairy was with her family to receive the Best Farm Enterprise for the South West Award at the Countryside Alliance’s Rural Oscars, when all hell broke loose.

The family were with North Wiltshire MP James Gray on the terrace of Parliament, in view of Westminster Bridge, moments before the car crashed into victims.

They were moved inside for lunch shortly before the attack took place.

“We were just about to eat then there was a lot of shouting,” said Ceri.

“A police officer was shouting ‘move, move’, so we dived under tables and benches.

“My mum instinct was to protect my son, so I covered his body with mine, he was very scared.

“I just tried to calm him down.

“We were then moved to the centre of the building to make sure everyone was safe.

“There were lots of different uniforms and lots of guns which we’re not used to seeing.

“There were guys in masks and different initials on people’s backs. We were trying to guess what they were.”

She said she was reassured that she was kept in the same room as Lords and other MPs.

“We were in with the important people, which helped,” she said.

“It felt we were all in it together.”

Ceri had left her phone in the canteen among the panic, so was not able to keep up to date with goings up, apart from via text updates to her husband’s phone.

They were kept in Westminster Hall for six hours before being released.

Ceri praised staff for keeping her son feel calm amongst the confusion.

James Gray echoed Ceri’s words and said police were “extremely efficient”.

“There are 5,000 people who work in Parliament and they kept us all under control, with the upmost professionalism.

“When we came back in today, policeman was back on duty at 7am. The house is operating as usual.”