A BELOVED banana-coloured car, which gained media attention two years ago after it was blamed for destroying a picturesque view in Bibury, has been vandalised.

The bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa caused a social media storm in 2015 after tourists said it spoiled their photos of Arlington Row in Bibury, one of the most photographed places in the country.

Peter Maddox, 84, found his car vandalised on the morning of Monday, January 23.

The driver’s side window and rear windscreen were smashed and the words ‘Freddie Move’ were scratched into the bonnet.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

(Peter Maddox and his vandalised yellow car)

Police have valued the damage at £6,000 and believe the crime happened between 4pm on Sunday 22 and 7.40am on Monday 23.

Peter, a retired dentist who moved to Bibury after his wife died 15 years ago and who bought his car three years ago, described the crime as “disgusting”.

Daughter-in-law Marie Kraus travelled from Aston to help Peter while he was without transport. She said: “Peter is understandably upset at the loss of his car and his independence, but he is also very fond of his lovely yellow car.

“Everyone in the village is very supportive. It is horrible to think whoever has done this has come out of their way down this little road to do something like this.

“It will be a struggle to get another car. It will leave Peter out of pocket.”
According to mechanics, it is likely that the Corsa will be written off. If this was the case, Peter said he would consider buying a lime green car, or another bright-coloured car, despite the criticism two years ago.

Local postmaster Richard William, 48, (pictured below) said residents were shocked: “We are all shocked and horrified that such mindless destruction should be visited upon a normally quiet and tranquil village. 

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

“A lot of people make money out of photographing Arlington Row. I should think there is a financial aspect to the crime.

“I think it is related to the exposure it received on the internet and the objection to it parking in front of Arlington Row.”

Ian Howard, owner of The William Morris Tea Room, said the culprits were “nasty vandals” with “small brains”. 

He added: “Peter has not done anyone any harm.”

Neighbour Brian Skarda said: “This is a very small village but visitors come to photograph it. The sad thing is the car belongs to an elderly gentleman and it should happen in this village.

“Everybody locally was aware of the yellow car and Peter is well known in the village.”

Rose Francome-Robinson, 73, also of Arlington Row, described the crime as “disgusting” and “malicious”. 

She said: “I did not hear anything, I saw the glass at the parking spot and the car had gone.”

John Muir, 86, who lives near the much photographed road, said: “It is a shame. Peter is such a quiet man. He keeps to himself. He does not deserve something like this.”

Sergeant Garrett Gloyne, of the policing team for Cirencester and the Rural South, commented: “We have conducted house to house inquiries. We are aware that presence of the vehicle was the bone of contention to some people.

“Nevertheless the damage caused to vehicle is beyond the pale and we would appeal for anyone who knows anything to contact us on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers.”