A SUPERMARKET in Moreton-in-Marsh has launched the ‘UK’s most sophisticated supermarket app’.

Ubamarket, launched last Thursday (October 27) at Budgens on Moreton High Street, locates, purchases and loyalty tracks a supermarket shop, with no need for queuing, and is due for national roll-out across 5,000 stores in the near future.

The iOS app rearranges the products on a customer’s shopping list according to their location in-store, tracking each item in order of convenience and alerting shoppers of their total spend and special offers.

Users can also enter their store loyalty card details into the app, so with each purchase they benefit from Automatic Loyalty, without the need to search for a loyalty card at the checkout.

The app was founded by Will Broome, who, having left a prominent career in events and marketing, developed the concept within four years, with the support of £325,000 in private equity finance.

Mr Broome, chief executive of Ubamarket, said: “I feel that we, as a nation, have fallen out of love with shopping.

“Supermarkets need to embrace technology so shoppers can find their items easily while avoiding the hassle of long queues and unexpected items in bagging areas.

“Having lived in the area for over a decade, I’m proud to launch the app in Moreton-in-Marsh, giving local shoppers access to our amazing new app before anyone else. I wanted to make shopping lists ‘magic’ and that’s what Ubamarket does.”

Guy Warner, managing director of Warner’s Budgens Supermarkets, said: “I’m delighted to be the first store in the world to offer Ubamarket to our Taste Club members and customers.

“I feel that this revolutionary new app will effectively bridge the gap between online convenience and the in-store experience that Warner’s Budgens shoppers enjoy.

“I am keen to roll this out to our other stores as quickly as possible, especially as our POS, operated by HTEC, is now fully compatible with the app.”