THE comprehensive review of Hinkley has been a total sham.

If Theresa May had seriously listened to a wide range of experts she would have concluded the project was economically illiterate, technically flawed, environmentally risky and a threat to security.

But it seems that in post-Brexit Britain the government has decided to turn its back on experts and try and demonstrate that the UK is open for business.

And so we see a government willing to hand over our energy infrastructure to the Chinese Communist Party and a giant French corporation.

All this is the exact opposite of taking back control, which would come through a renewable energy revolution.

As Germany and other countries have shown, community-owned renewables can take power away from foreign corporations and governments and hand it back to the people, generating thousands of home grown jobs in the process.

The government says it will introduce greater scrutiny of future deals to protect national security but not for Hinkley C.

Why, if the current arrangements need to be changed, are they good enough for the people of the South West?

Effectively, the government is acknowledging we will all have to pay for a massive error in our approach to the ownership and control of critical infrastructure.

With Lib Dem Ed Davy instrumental in pushing the Hinkley deal as Secretary of State for Energy and Labour stuck in the nuclear bunker, supporting a discredited scheme to keep British unions happy, only the Green Party will continue to oppose this expensive and disastrous white elephant.


MEP, Green