PUPILS from Malmesbury School truly have a formula for success in chemistry.

Ten science buffs from year 12 took part in the 2016 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge this year.

William Whitehouse, Dan Booth, Hannah Brunskill and Grace Long achieved a copper award and Sil Bonestroo achieved a silver award at the event.

Toby Chamberlain received the Roentgenium Award for his performance, which placed him in the top 0.76 per cent of the 7,229 students who entered the competition.

To recognise this outstanding achievement Toby has been invited to a residential chemistry camp at St Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge next month.

Speaking about the school’s success at the event, headteacher Tim Gilson said: “Chemistry has always been a popular and successful A-Level subject at Malmesbury School and it is a great reflection on the staff as well as the hard work and attitude of our students that they all did so well in this prestigious and challenging competition.”