A DOCTOR who changed an elderly woman’s medication months before she died will be called to an inquest to answer questions.

Gloucester Coroners Court heard on Tuesday how 80-year-old Roma Diviani was found dead at her home in Stow-on-the-Wold on December 29, 2015.

Her inquest was due to be brought to a close, but before senior coroner Kate Skerrett began bringing forward the evidence, daughter Rachel Scott called into question a decision by her mother's GP, Dr Chiles, to change her anti-psychotic medication from olanzapine to citalopram.

Ms Scott said around last April she had been in “good spirits” and that her paranoia had all but disappeared.

“Then last summer, basically because of her tremors, she was taken off olanzapine,” she said.

“I expressed concern that she shouldn’t. Shortly after her anxiety and paranoia came back.”

She said that she was “aware that GPs are stretched and are not psychiatric experts” but wanted to hear the doctor's reasoning.

Another GP, Dr Kuruvilla, has also been summoned for questioning. There was no suggestion that either contributed to the death of Ms Diviani.

The court heard that Ms Diviani was showing no psychotic issues at the time of the medication change.

She was in frequent contact with her GP, and had a phone conversation on December 23, six days before she died.

Ms Skerrett explained the doctor had provided a written statement for the inquest into the 80-year-old’s death, but that the questions warranted bringing the doctor in.

The senior coroner decided that there were enough questions to justify bringing the GPs in for questioning, but the concerns were not severe enough to require a jury.

Her death is currently described as “unascertained”, but evidence in the inquest, which will take place between July and October, may find a different cause.