AN INNOVATIVE online service in Cirencester that helps new businesses become the best they can be, has received its first award.

Conceptualise was founded by businessmen Nigel Chute and Simon May less than a year ago, with the aim to help new and growing businesses in the town reach the top of their game.

The idea recently won collaboration of the year at Cirencester Business Awards 2015, organised by the town’s Chamber of Commerce.

Conceptualise features a team of 10 carefully chosen Cirencester individuals all offering a specific skill, such as graphic design, public relations and photography.

The idea is that all 10 members recommend each other to their clients, meaning the client can talk to trusted professionals in all different fields without having to trawl through the internet or the yellow pages.

Members include well-known photographer Kay Ransom and also Philippa Stagg, who manages the public relations side of the Cotswold Show. All of the 10 Conceptualise participants are from Cirencester, which Mr Chute said makes the idea even more attractive to clients.

Mr Chute, of Chute Design, said he was not expecting Conceptualise to win the award at the business awards in May.

“It’s very exciting,” he said. “We’ve got off to a really good start. And Cirencester Business Awards has grown so much – it’s putting Cirencester on the map which is great.”

Simon May, of May Media, said they would be looking to develop the brand into the future, raising awareness of its existence. Both men believe this is the only idea of its kind in Cirencester.

“We want to give it an identity,” added Mr May. “We’re looking to extend Conceptualise and start doing trade shows.” See for more.