WOOL shop owner Deb Richardson, whose shop is under threat of closure, was delighted and surprised when the MP for the Cotswolds came to her store to show his support.

Recent changes in immigration laws means the American owner of Three Sheep Wools in Cirencester could be seeing the permanent closure of her shop this August.

Well-liked and respected in the town, Deb, 49, has been running her popular shop in the Woolmarket for around three years and is devastated that it might have to close.

She hosted a knit-in event on Saturday for all those who wanted to show their support and invited mayor of Cirencester Mark Harris and MP for the Cotswolds Geoffrey Clifton-Brown. She was delighted when they both said they would attend.

"Geoffrey said we will try again and see if we can save the shop," said Deb. "Mark Harris came too, and nine people came to knit. We all sat around and had cups of tea. Geoffrey even did some weaving, who knew?"

"Obviously we don't want an empty shop and hopefully we can stay open. He was really positive."

When Deb first moved to England, it was the UK Border Agency who granted her a three year work visa. But in November last year, the Home Office took over and changed the requirements for renewing the visa. To have Deb's visa successfully renewed, she must have created a full time position for a member of staff that had been in place for two years - which she did not know she needed before.

MP Mr Clifton-Brown said he had a great time at the knit-in and even took part in some weaving.

"Deb will be providing me with additional information so that I can have one further attempt to try and make the UK Visas and Immigration Department change their mind," he said. "She is clearly a great personality who helps in all sorts of ways with the community and it would be a shame if she has to return to America."

Deb added she is feeling a lot more hopeful now, following the knit-in event. She has until August 19 to find out whether she can keep the shop open.

A petition has been launched online to try and rally up more support for the shop, and already has more than 600 signatures. Click here to sign the petition.