A COTSWOLD artist said it was amazing to see pop star Ed Sheeran playing his unique custom-painted guitar on the singer’s World Tour.

Modern artist Teddy M, from Barnsley, has had his artwork approved by actress Joan Collins and guitarist Eric Clapton in the past. He boasts a list of celebrity clients including Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan.

Now the up-and-coming artist has loaned British musician Ed Sheeran his custom-painted guitar, as the singer just happened to be looking for one at the time. Teddy said it was just great to see the world-famous star playing a guitar with his own artwork on.

“I read that Ed was inspired by Eric Clapton and I contacted him to introduce my work as I’ve previously created an artwork personally approved by Eric,” said Teddy. “Ed just happened to be looking for a new Stratocaster guitar and so I showed him one I had custom-painted. He jumped at it and I offered to loan it to him for his world tour.”

Now ‘The A Team’ singer has ordered a custom-painted Stratocaster unique to him, which Teddy is working on.

"Ed's at the top of the tree," said Teddy. "I would imagine he is spoilt for choice, so having my guitar in the hands of an internationally respected musician with recent high profile performances at the Grammy awards, who stole the show with Beyoncé at the Stevie Wonder tribute, and who cleaned up at BRIT awards is pretty amazing.

"It's also a little surreal to see fan footage, on an almost daily basis, of my guitar being played across the world."

The Cotswold artist, who last year visited New York after drawing in a crowd of new followers, has also dabbled in music in the past. He once performed as guest guitarist at The Tunnel House music festival in Coates.

His work has appeared in Belgravia in London, the East Village in New York City and West Hollywood.

Ed Sheeran is making his way round the globe for his 2015 World Tour. He has just appeared in Asia and will be travelling to Australia, Argentina and various other countries before finishing off in Ireland at the end of July.