SHAVING for charity is not a usual fundraising activity but a Malmesbury man has raised more than £350 for Dorothy House Hospice Care by having his moustache cut off in public.

John Slater had his moustache, sideburns and some of his hair shaved outside the charity’s shop at the Market Cross in Malmesbury.

Mr Slater chose the charity in memory of his wife, Lynn Slater, who died on March 2010 after being cared for at the hospice.

Around 20 people showed up to watch the spectacle in person as the much-loved moustache, in place since 1972, was ceremoniously removed.

Mr Slater said he was very happy with the turnout and the amount raised so far and thanked his supporters from the football club, friends who donated and Robert Hatto, who came out of retirement to do the honours of shaving the whiskers.

He added: “This morning I was at the stables and it was very cold.

“My wife Lynn and my kids had never seen me without it. My grandson said ‘There is something different about you Grandad’ but that’s about it.

“There were about 20 people watching and it was made even more nice because my daughter and my granddaughter showed up on their horses. It was nice to see them there.”

Mr Slater said that he was already missing his moustache and planned to grow back his moustache as soon as possible.

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