COUPLE Simon and Lisa Thomas have embarked on the world’s longest motorcycle journey, an adventure which has taken them through several of the world’s most beautiful continents.

Although they set out on their adventure in 2003 and to date have clocked up more than 398,000 miles and ridden across 78 countries, Simon, 45, and Lisa, 52 have no plans to stop just yet.

Brendan McFadden spoke to Simon who grew up in Cirencester and is currently in Mexico to find out about what it is the two love about life on the road.

Q: What inspired you to go on the journey – what motivates you to continue journeying?

A: Our initial inspiration was born out of a need to live our own lives. To escape the routine path that you're told as a kid is the only one ahead of you. To live first-hand the experiences we'd watched others have on TV shows like national geographic and the other TV travel programmes. We also went out actively looking for adventure which is really just a different way of saying we wanted to challenge ourselves in new and exciting ways. As for our reason to continue, well, the reasons are pretty much the same. Here's one of our favourite quotes from author Paulo Coelho, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal”.

Q: What have been the highlights of your journey?

A:There have almost been to many to list. Crossing the Sahara Desert, riding at 17,232 feet altitude in the Bolivian Altiplano (worlds second highest plateau ) Being the first riders to traverse the Amazon North to south on large capacity motorcycles unsupported. Six weeks riding and exploring remote and wild Mongolia.

Living for two weeks with Massai Warriors in Tanzania.

Traversing the continent of Australia across its longest axis from North east down to its farthest point in the south west. 2,500 miles of sand, dust and rock. Amazing.

Q:Tell me a bit about the lives you lived back home?

A:I grew up in Cirencester and attended Deer Park School and its sixth form college. Lisa's family come from and many are still in Tewkesbury but her education followed her father’s work around the UK and Europe with the RAF.

Q:When do you plan to stop your journey?

A:We're estimating that it'll take us another few years to reach the goals we set out with. Where we'll stop. Who knows. Argentina looks great, but as yet it really depends on who or which country will have us. Asia also has a lot going for it. Too be honest we have no idea, we're so focused on dealing with the immediate challenges of finishing this journey.

Q: Anything to say to people reading this?

A: Remember to make you dreams a reality you simply need to take that first step. We're not wealthy and so like everyone else we make sacrifices in order to be able to do the things we want. The scariest part of any adventure is the first few steps.

Simon and Lisa are currently writing articles for Motorcycle News Weekly based on their experiences like riding on extreme terrain and in adverse weather conditions.

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