A TEENAGER from South Cerney will be putting on his explorers hat and travelling deep into the Peruvian Amazon next summer.

Angus Malmgren, 18, is going on an expedition to the district of Manu with the British Exploring Society to help the Crees Foundation with their biodiversity studies,

He said: “I find it exciting that I will have the opportunity to help the Crees Foundation with their biodiversity studies, which will help them to conserve the region and its species.

“As most of the reserve is inaccessible and undeveloped, there are many undiscovered species here, like frogs new to science, and plants which may provide treatments for presently incurable human diseases.

“The Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate, and this damage is starting to infringe on the borders of the Manu National Park. Threats include deforestation for timber and subsistence living, oil and gas drilling and gold mining. I would like to see the rainforest before it has been destroyed.”

Angus, a former Cirencester College student, explained that he is set to start a Natural Sciences degree at Exeter University

He added that a key reason for him going on the expedition it that the university said it would help him on the course.

Angus is working hard to fund his expedition in various ways such as car boot sales selling his artwork.

To find out more about Angus’s trip visit angusexploring.weebly.com