A HOARD of Roman coins found in Malmesbury could come back to the town if the Athelstan Museum can raise the funds to buy them.

The treasure trove of 1,266 copper-alloy coins was found in a field in Milbourne, near Malmesbury by a metal detectorist and contains coins from 307AD to 317AD.

It is believed they represent the life savings of a person who lived locally during the time of the Roman Empire.

When the hoard was discovered it was reported to the British Museum and declared as treasure by a coroner before being sent to the British Museum for preservation.

The Athelstan Museum has been given the option to buy the coins and hopes to put them on display, but needs to raise almost £10,000 before the end of January to do so.

Donations can be made online at www.athelstanmuseum.org.uk, by posting a cheque to the museum or in person.