THE night where ghosts and ghouls come out to play is upon us again.

As Halloween approaches, Cirencester Ghost Society describes its top places to visit on a spooky walk around the town.

Black Horse pub haunting

There have been several unknown apparitions in the popular pub. In one incident an evil looking lady appeared in a bedroom, scratched a signature in a black window, before disappearing.

Others have smelt lavender by the pub’s fireplace. It is thought that it comes from a ghost of a previous cleaner who always spayed lavender polish near the fireplace.

WHSmith Poltergeist

As well as being home books, magazines and stationery, WHSmith is said to be home to a terrifying poltergeist.

In an incident during a refit in 1995, staff reported stock vanishing, books flying around a room and doors slamming.

The book store was a garage at the beginning of the 20th century and many believe that the garage owner still haunts the building.

Ghosts of little girls at House of Fraser

Many staff have seen the apparitions of two little girls and a little boy in the stock rooms at the top of the building.

The children often like to play hide and seek when staff are doing stock counts late into the evening and can be heard singing.

Faceless monk and ghosts at the King's Head Hotel

The hotel has a reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Cirencester. A ghostly monk with no face reportedly scared one member of staff into quitting her job.

Guests have also reported strange paranormal activity, such as their room doors opening and an armoured figure walking through the Ballroom.

The White Girl, Cirencester Memorial Hospital

There have been many chilling reports of a little girl dressed in white being seen in the top window of the hospital.

Many who have seen the pale and very frail girl say she forces them to smile and puts up her bony arm to wave at them, before disappearing within a blink of an eye.

It is said that those who have seen the girl are overcome with sadness and are reduced to tears.

Grey Lady Cirencester Parish Church

A myth states that this church is haunted by a grey lady, often seen carrying freshly cut flowers.

Legend has it that she is taking them to her child’s grave, who died after catching small pox.

Armoured Soldier Torbarrow Hill near Cirencester

A couple of men from the area said that while exploring the hill they discovered a secret entrance and an armour clad fighter concealed inside.

US Air force pilot at Queen Anne's Column, in Cirencester Park

A young American pilot has been spotted talking to members of the public and then vanish after speaking his first sentence.

Ghostly sightings at the Fleece Hotel

Staff have seen the ghost of an old woman and cavalier in the corridors of the hotel.

There have been several unexplained occurrences at the hotel such as footsteps being heard, boxes flying off desks and chairs falling over.

Old man at the Abbey grounds

An old gentleman with a humped back and stick, who is dressed in Victorian clothing is said to walk past the band stand towards the river.

He is seen usually between 10pm and 2am on clear nights, often shaking his head and grumbling to himself.

Powell’s Primary School founder

A ghost believed to be Rebecca Powell, the founder of the school, has been spotted late at night running between the two old buildings laughing. She is described as having long-brown hair and a long white petticoat

Headless dog Coxwell Street, Cirencester

There are reports of people seeing a whippet or greyhound bound toward them when walking down Coxwell street late at night.

Some have chased the dog in an effort to return it to its owner – it responds by running in the other direction – its head disappears and then it vanishes entirely.