MARION and Dave Picter have been honoured for all the help they have given to Malmesbury Youth Football since it was established in 1989.

On October 22 the couple were presented with the Long Service to Sport Award at the Wiltshire Sport Awards.

The pair has been involved in football for the past 50 years, helping the town’s team grow to what it is today, with 200 players and 14 teams.

Marion and Dave have also developed a relationship with the local adult team to create a player pathway and encourage the transition from youth to adult football.

Both of their names are engraved on the wall of the Malmesbury Vics’ clubhouse and they were instrumental in negotiating the club’s 35 year lease, securing the team’s long term future.

Malmesbury Vics Chairman Phil Exton explained: “Marion was secretary for many long years and only now handing over the reins. Dave has been involved with Malmesbury football for forever and a day and has had every office that can be had.

“As far as local football goes they are complete and utter legends and it would be difficult to think of football in Malmesbury without them.”