AN OPEN University student from Cirencester who inspired her family to continue learning has thanked her husband for supporting her during her studies.

Kathryn Toplis surprised her husband with a personalised cake during the university’s campaign to thank the people who support their students.

Her son and second daughter decided to go to university after she got her degree and her mother also began studying for a degree at 62.

Kathryn explained: “It is Howard who encouraged me to fulfil my dream. I met my first husband and had a family when I was young and had always regretted not going to university to study sciences.

“After Howard and I met, I told him about this and he said, ‘together we can pursue your dream’.”

Howard Toplis, who works at Greensquare Group in Chippenham, said: “Doing a degree was her dream and she is now well on her way to finishing her Master’s and getting into a new career. I am so proud of her.”