DR WHO fan Nigel Chivers has spent two years working in his garage to build a full-scale Dalek powered by a mobility scooter.

His 7ft tall recreation of Doctor’s arch enemy looks menacing as it glides along, eyestalk swivelling and ray gun waving threateningly.

But instead of extermination, the worst innocent bystanders are likely to suffer is a soaking because the gun is really a water pistol.

With the help of some mates, Nigel built the 2010 Dalek Paradigm from scratch using solar garden lights, gazebo poles, plumbing pipes and a mock-up component from a satellite.

This week it emerged from the garage of his home at Corston to surprise neighbours and make passing motorists wonder if the village’s speed watch group was using tough new tactics.

It also caught the eye of Malmesbury police sergeant Martin Alvis, who joked: “We’re working in partnership with the Daleks to keep crime down in Corston.”

Cotswold dry stonewaller Nigel, 41, who was a fan of the early Doctors, became inspired after taking his daughter Anna, now 10, to a sci fi family fun day two years ago.

A plywood skirt was shaped and he had hoped to use ballcocks for the bubbles on the surface of the machine. But he couldn’t find any the right size, so they were formed individually out of fibreglass with help from friend, Mike Wilson, a psychiatric nurse.

The eye – a glass deer eye – was found in a taxidermist’s and the eye stalk was fitted with an old Utax photocopier motor so it could move up and down.

The gun was made from scrap aluminium by another friend Roger Broley, a retired IT expert and included a mock-up component first used in the construction of a satellite. However the famous “sink plunger” was carved from wood.

A third mate, Geof(CORR) Downton supplied his mum’s old mobility scooter to power the Dalek.

The result was so impressive that even parked up in his garage the Dalek still has the power to send a shiver down Nigel’s spine. “It almost takes my breath away every time I go in there,” he said. “It really has taken a huge amount of time.”

Nigel, who also built a Tardis door for Anna’s bedroom, plans to use his Dalek to help raise money for charity. It’s first public appearance was at a sci fi event in Corsham on Saturday.