A PUB in Lechlade was forced to call off off a regular jazz night on the weekend due to residents preferring to stay in rather than venture out into the storm.

Bob Warren, owner of The Trout Inn in Lechlade said the pub itself was not flooded but the weather was so miserable that people just did not want to leave their homes for a popular jazz night on Sunday.

The fields surrounding the pub experienced a little more flood damage though, with one van stranded in the middle of the water.

“The flood hasn’t hit the road, only the fields. But the fields are supposed to take water when the river overflows,” said Bob.

“I had to phone up our jazz man and tell him not to come to and play for his regular slot on the weekend though as people just weren’t coming into the pub.”

Bob continued to say that the flooding this winter had not been nearly as bad as the flash floods of 2007.

“You get used to it after a while, after 25 years of flooding. It’s done this 10 times in 25 years. But we do have sandbags ready, just in case,” he said.