SCORES of hard working medical professionals are facing uncertainty over where they will be able to park their cars while working at Cirencester Hospital.

Doctors and nurses at Cirencester Hospital have been told they are no longer permitted to park on site after the car park’s owner, the Dowager Countess of Bathurst, refused to renew the hospital’s lease.

Staff at the hospital are now having to park their cars in the town centre or use public transport to get to work.

One nurse, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We’re all so worried about where going to park now and if this will have an effect on the patients.

“At least when we had the car park, we all know where our cars are parked during the day.”

It is yet unclear as to why the Dowager has stopped staff from parking in the hospital’s on-site gravel car park.

Allen Bathurst, 9th Earl of Bathurst, told the Standard that he is oblivious as to why his step-mother has closed the car park.

He said: “She is the owner and can do exactly what she wants with it. I’m not in a position to be able to influence her.

“As president of the Cirencester Hospital League of Friends, I feel terrible. I hope she sees sense.”

Staff at the hospital’s car park have now been having to find alternate parking ever since the closure came into effect on Monday, October 14.

Mark Parsons, head of estates for Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, said:”We have been unable to negotiate the renewal of the lease for this land and staff car parking spaces are currently reduced as a result.

"For the time being, most staff are being asked to park off-site, or to leave their car at home and travel to and from work by bus, bike or on foot, if this is possible.”

Mr Parsons explained that the trust is currently in talks with Cotswold District Council to create a new car park close to the hospital.

“Subject to planning approval, we will be resurfacing a new self-draining car park area near to Corinium House in the coming weeks. All being well, we expect to complete this work by the end of the November.”

Despite the closure of the large gravel car park, the smaller patient and visitor parking spaces close to the Minor Injuries Unit are not affected by the change.

The office of the Dowager Countess of Bathurst refused to comment on the situation.